HEART of a Never~Ending Orchestra is a graphic novel about dreams and parallel worlds. It features a dynamic soundtrack that directly adapts to the pace of your reading.
You will be able to read it and listen to it in 2022, free of charge and without ads, from your desktop computer's browser or via an iOS and Android app (with an optional guided mode that is ideal for smaller screens).
We want to keep this project free so that as many people as possible can enjoy it. That being said, we've trully poured our hearts and souls into it and we will not be able to continue the story without you.
It is the mythical, half-imaginary origin of our musical project, The Never~Ending Orchestra, led by the two of us, Aurélien and Matthieu, who also happen to be the protagonists of this comic book.
This is the story of the man with a heart made of mists, of the unconscious tongue, of the power to wake up in dreams and to understand the others within you.
©2022 The Never~Ending Orchestra